Winter Freeze is Here

With Winter here and freezing temperatures there are maintenance and repairs that come up with the cold temperatures. Swamp coolers are shut down, make sure that the water supply lines are shut off and disconnected. Furnaces that have been fired up for the first time in months will need filters to be cleaned or changed out and a CO2 detection is highly recommended. Shut off the irrigation systems and drain the lines to prevent freezing. Any hose bibs that are not frost free should have hard faucet covers installed or wrap pipes with insulation. This week a client had a main line sewer that needed to be replaced. After excavating the line we discovered that the direction of the ABS long sweep was installed in the wrong direction affecting the flow of drainage and preventing the sewer snake to go down the line towards the main line sewer, which explains why snaking the clogged drains would not alleviate the blockage. With the new sewer line installed, a new ABS long sweep installed in the correct direction, new clean outs are also installed going both directions to facilitate servicing in the future. Other maintenance items to remember are for hot water heaters to be drained to remove hard deposit build-up. Fireplaces also need to be cleaned and flu’s opened before you light the fire for the first time. Own a RV? Drain the water lines and make sure the grey and black tanks are completely dumped. After the water lines are drained, hook up the compressor to the rig and blow out any remaining water and condensation in the lines. Bypass the hot water heater and after the water lines have been blown out, hook up 2-3 gallons of  anti freeze into the pump and pump through the lines to each fixture individually until all the lines have anti freeze flowing through them for 5-10 seconds each. This should take 30-45 minutes and save you any frozen pipes until your next outing.

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